High-Performance Butane


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1.9 oz Xikar Purofine High-Performance Butane.

Xikar Purofine High-Performance Butane is a cleaner, more powerful formula.  It performs better at varying altitudes and temperatures.  At less than 15 parts per million and near zero impurities; it burns cleaner and helps to prevent the internal components of your lighter from clogging.  It fills faster than other butanes and produces bigger and better flames.  

  • For use exclusively with Carbon.
  • Fills faster and delivers more powerful and taller flames
  • High-altitude formula helps rejuvenate diminishing flames in "high mileage" lighters at any elevation
  • Near-zero, stable non-volatile impurities; less than 15 parts per million
  • Premium quality safeguards against harmful impurities that clog lighters

Butane must be shipped ground using approved methods. Please consider delivery times before placing your order.